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By Will H. Gibson

They were just plain, stalwart, courageous, manly young Americans, having high regard for their Country and her Institutions, under whose influence they had been taught to respect the rights of others and to abhor the theory of the despot, that his prerogatives permitted him to murder, ravish, burn, pillage and destroy with impunity and without accounting.

Carl A. Miller
Killed in Battle in the World War. He spent nearly all his life in Mountain Home.

In our homes they were industrious, peace-loving, kind-hearted boys without desire for participating in the ravages of war; but on the Battlefields of France and Flanders they became demons, hurling the ravishing Hun from his ill-gotten terrene and again exemplifying the spirit of their fathers in bringing to a sorely tried but determined people the sunshine of a new hope.

Of such were our boys of Elmore County, who in the Great World War won honor for themselves and brought distinction and everlasting glory not alone to our community but to the State and our beloved country.

Mid scenes of apprehension, with heavy hearts and tears that would not be restrained, we bade them a fond farewell, uttering a silent prayer for their safe return to our firesides and an audible word of encouragement in their determination to do their full duty. We saw them off not knowing what their destiny might be.

Oh, the joy of that memorable day, November, eleventh, Nineteen Hundred and Eighteen, when the wires brought the glorious news of the Armistice.

May we, in a slight degree at least, convey to our veterans of that titanic struggle, for the defense of a liberty loving people, the happiness of that occasion. Every restraint of loving, sad faced, heavy hearted wife, sister and mother was loosed. The stern, determined countenance of father, brother and friend faded into the broad smile of satisfaction. Universal joy knew no bound. Every heart uttered a prayer of thanksgiving, and every physical emotion emphasized an unspeakable gratitude to God, for Peace and the glorious victory of our Khaki clad citizens soldier boys on foreign soil.

Those of us who remained at home spare no effort to lighten the arduous task of our boys "OVER THERE," and our hearts are gladdened by the thought that so large a number were permitted to return to us.

Our task however, will not be fully accomplished until every pledge, insignificant as our efforts were, made for the succor and support of "THOSE WHO BORE THE BRUNT OF THE BATTLE", shall have been fully discharged.

Elmore County holds and shall ever continue to hold, in grateful remembrance the brilliant achievements of her sturdy sons and welcome their return with feelings of delight not to be expressed in words.

To our fallen heroes and those who may be incapacitated for life we shall accord an indelible inscription of lave upon the hearts of a grateful people

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