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In April, 1917, when our nation declared war on Germany, the women of Mountain Home were anxious to be of some use to their country; so the Daughters of Veterans, The Progressive and Sub-Rosa Clubs through various agencies made inquiry as to how best begin. It resulted in organizing Elmore County Chapter American Red Cross, May 4th, 1917 with Mrs. Alice Thompson, Chairman; Mrs, Ella G, Caldwell, Vice-Chairman; Miss Nancy Watts, Secretary and Mrs. R. M. Brady, Treasurer.

The weeks following were devoted to membership drives and organizing along the lines required by National Headquarters, quite a delay in receiving work resulted from Our Division Headquarters being changed from Denver to Seattle.

In June Miss Watts resigned and Mrs. Lindquist was appointed Secretary, Mrs. Thompson also resigned and Mrs. Caldwell as Vice-Chairman carried on the work till regular election in October when she was elected Chairman and as such served until the present time. The Chapter has had in all six Secretaries, Mesdames Lindquist, R. Bennett and Vandegrift and the Misses Watts, Hickok and White

The organization of Auxiliaries was the next thing and at an enthusiastic meeting at Bruneau June 18th, Bruneau Auxiliary came into being with Mrs. Milt Reynolds, Chairman, and Bruneau stayed enthusiastic until the end. Their novel means of raising funds and their splendid Flu record ranks them high.

Glenns Ferry Auxiliary organized June 30th, and the Service Badges received by Glenns Ferry men and women of which there were forty-two, ranks them as the Banner Auxiliary of the State. Their Canteen is known from coast to coast while their regular allotments were never slighted. Rev. Wood Commandant of the Canteen, than whom no more gifted leader could have been found, reported over sixty-five thousand troops served during the war.

Other Auxiliaries followed, Chattin Flats, Grand View, King Hill, Hammett, Prairie, Pine, Pasadena, Atlanta and Riddle, each doing their part under the management of splendid faithful women. As will be noted our jurisdiction extended one hundred eighty-five miles north and south and fifty miles east and west comprising parts of three counties, Elmore, Ada and Owyhee.

From all these points came response in money, while chicken pie suppers, turkey raffles, quilt auctions, dances and dinners helped to swell the funds for local work and when we remember that some months our yarn account alone ran to five and six hundred dollars all can see where the funds went.

The chapter was granted the use of three splendid rooms in the Court House and all materials were received here and sent to the Auxiliaries by Mrs. Caldwell, returned when made to be checked and packed by our splendid workroom superintendents, Mesdames Minkler, A. F. Anderson and Watts.

The Chairman was called to a conference in Seattle in April of '18 to align work more uniformly. It was of great benefit to the Chapter for a meeting of Auxiliary Chairmen to be called and disputed points made plain; all work being done after specific directions from Headquarters. From organization until the rooms closed in June, 1919, 2733 Hospital Garments, 1203 Refugee Garments and 5422 Knitted articles were shipped to Seattle besides 200 Christmas boxes sent to the boys at Camp Lewis Christmas, 1918.

Home Service: Another branch of the Red Cross work began in 1918 with Mrs. C. E. Johnson Chairman and W. C. Howie Secretary. After several months of devoted work, Mrs. Johnson resigned and Mrs. Will Gibson became chairman taking a six weeks special training in Seattle to fit herself for the work. The results of Home Service must always rest in the hearts of those to whom it brought comfort and encouragement while a more devoted chairman could not have been secured.

The War fund and membership drives were ably handled by Worth S. Lee and E. J. Colthorpe and all drives exceeded the quotas given.

The Junior work in charge of Miss Blanche Skipper was encouraging and should be one of the future activities of the Red Cross; if we can make the children of all countries know and appreciate each other. We are apt to find in very truth. A League of Nations ready made.

In summing up the work of Elmore Chapter this one fact stands preeminent. The great majority felt the need of keeping step with our boys "Over There" by giving every moment possible to Red Cross work over here and if there were those too selfish to help in a great cause, they in the end are the greater losers.

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