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Mountain Home Air Force Base, the only major military installation in Idaho, was established in November, 1942. The location was chosen for its low cost, its isolation, and its favorable flying weather. By September, 1943, $13 million in construction had been completed, and in October 1944, the site was designated Mountain Home Army Air Field.

The 396th and 470th Bombardment Groups were stationed at the base, which became a replacement training school for B-24 crews. In October, 1945, shortly after the base was changed to a B-29 Super fortress training school, it was deactivated. In December, 1948, the base was reactivated for the 311th Air Division, Reconnaissance (Strategic Air Command). Again deactivated, from August, 1949 to February, 1951, it reopened under the control of the Military Air Transport Service. SAC returned in May, 1953 with the 9th Bombardment Wing, and three Titan I missile sites with three missiles each were activated in 1963, but since have been abandoned. SAC departed in late 1965, and was replaced in 1972 by the 366th Tactical Fighter Wing. The 366th Tactical Fighter Wing is now a premier composite wing with F-15C, F-15E, F-16, KC-135, and B-1B aircraft.

Mountain Home AFB is part of the Tactical Air Command headquartered at Langley AFB, VA. AIR FORCE APPRECIATION DAY is celebrated in September at Mountain Home and a mid-summer open house takes place in mid-summer.

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